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started as an adoption attorney in 1986 as an outgrowth of adopting her two sons. Her practice is unique in providing caring, personalized, and solution-oriented legal services. Robin has handled over 1,000 adoptions and is nationally known for her expertise in adoption matters. (website)

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  John and Shannon
We are John and Shannon and we cannot wait to finally become parents. We are excited to bring a newborn into our hearts and our home.  We have waited years to start our family and know that open adoption is the answer to our prayers. Our child will be raised in a home filled with love, faith, and family. So many people are eagerly waiting to welcome our shared miracle. We can’t wait to learn more about you. (website) 
  Jodi and Micah
Hello - we're Jodi and Micah. We're a happily married, financially stable couple living in San Jose, California. Like the other families on this website, we're excited about adding to our family through adoption. We know you'll be facing some important decisions and understand that you want only the best for your child. We hope that you'll visit our website and learn more about us. (website)
  Luke Zahner and Christopher LaFargue
Washington, DC
We are Luke and Chris from Washington D.C. and we are grateful that you are taking the time to get to know us. We would love to get to know you and learn about the dreams and hopes you have for your child. We would like to share this path of open adoption with you and are here for support if you need us. (website)
I have always wanted to be a mother and have decided to adopt a child. I want to say thank you for the beautiful gift of a child that you are helping me to achieve. I can’t begin to describe how happy it makes me to think that I will be a mother. This is the culmination of a lifelong dream. (website)
  Michele and Sergio
Hello... we're Michele and Sergio, thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us. We can only imagine that you've done a great deal of soul-searching to be considering an adoption plan. Your courage and strength are admirable and we would like to join you in creating a wonderful life for your baby. As adoptive parents, we promise to offer endless love and support along with our hispanic culture. We believe that things happen for a reason and that fate has something extraordinary waiting. Bringing a baby into our home is something that we have been looking forward to with all our heart for a long time.  As a teacher and an assistant principal, we hope that you can see from our website the fun, family-valued and musically unique life we'd love to share. (website)
  Donald and Meg
Hello, we are Donald and Meg. Our dream is to complete our family through an open adoption. We are a loving couple, who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with our sweet little son, Lucas. Thank you for this opportunity to share our lives with you. We would love for you to get to know us a little better- please visit our website. (website link)
  Ariel & Joey Owens-Barham
Richmond, CA
Hi, we are Ariel & Joey Owens-Barham, two self-proclaimed nerds at heart who are eager to expand our family. We can only imagine how very much you love your baby, and admire that you are seeking the absolute best life for him or her.  We hope that after you learn more about us, you can see us as loving parents and a set of lifelong friends.  We're truly excited about open adoption, and want to include you in our unique family. (website)
Hi. I’m Elizabeth and I cannot wait to be a mother and have a child to love. I believe that adoption is my path to parenthood and I am excited to be on this journey to build my family. I admire the strength and courage you have to make an adoption plan for your baby. I look forward to learning about you and your dreams for your child. (website)
  Nathan, Jennifer and Aiden
We are Nathan, Jennifer and Aiden.  We are excited about adding to our family and are thankful that you would consider allowing us to welcome your baby into our lives.  We applaud your conviction and selflessness to make the best choice for your baby. We have so much to offer a child; he or she will be welcomed into a loving family with open arms. Please visit our website to learn more about our family and the life we could provide for your child. (website) Phone: 1-800-515-3256
Words cannot begin to describe how excited I am about bringing a new baby into my home and family...both of which are filled with unconditional love, respect, acceptance, laughter, hugs, kisses, and fun! What can I say to express my admiration for and awe of your strength and courage during this time of your life?  Your sacrifice of love is inspiring and touching.  I cannot imagine the thoughts in your head, but your heart full of devotion is evident.  I wish you peace as you make this difficult choice. (website)
  Chris and John
Hi! We are Chris and John from Atlanta , Georgia. We respect your courage as you consider adoption for your child.
Our daughter Sara was born December 26, 2010! We are excited to welcome a second child into our family now through open adoption and are looking forward to building a relationship with you to the degree that you are comfortable. We would love to talk to you as you consider an adoption plan for your baby. (website)

Hi, my name is Lisa; I am a single Mom living in Olney, Maryland. It means so much to me that you are taking the time to read my letter. I picture you as an incredible person with an abundance of courage and strength as you make a decision for your child’s future. The amount of respect that I have for you is beyond measure. I hope you take a moment to learn about my daughter and I, we have a strong desire to grow our family through adoption, and it would be an honor if you would consider us. (website)